Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lyrics, Pt.3

I hope these posts aren't becoming too frequent. I like them. I have a note on my computer that I am constantly adding lyrics to, but I'm trying to stop myself from posting them every day. Instead, I wait until I have a final on Tuesday and I should be studying. Oh, well.

Again, these lyrics are just what have jumped out at me lately. Whether it's a new song that I've just found or an older one that suddenly has a new meaning, I like these words.

1. "I don't love you, but I always will"- "Poison & Wine"-The Civil Wars. I can't stop listening to this song. It makes me want to sit in front a fireplace with tea. It's a wonderful duet.

2. "All we have is this very moment"-"I Don't Want to Wait"-Paula Cole. Throwback jam. 'Sup, "Dawson's Creek"?.

3. "I find you stunning, but you are running me down"- "Sort Of"-Ingrid Michaelson. I had to replay this about 10 times to make sure I heard it correctly. This song literally took my breath away.

4. "I've missed you, but I haven't met you"- "To Whom it May Concern"- The Civil Wars. They get two songs in one post because their album is PERFECT. And nominated for a Grammy! This song is about wanting to meet "the one" (I rolled my eyes as I typed that..sorry for being cheesy). Anyways, it's a very beautiful song.

5. "Where will I be when I stop wondering why?"-"Champagne High"-Sister Hazel. This song is about the person you loved marrying someone else. Ugh.

6. "When everything's meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am"-"Iris"- Goo Goo Dolls. Favorite band. Hands down. I just think this line is really beautiful.

7. "May these memories break our fall"-"Long Live"-Taylor Swift. I need the next five months to go by very, very slowly.

8. "I got a really good heart, I just can't catch a break"-"Two"-Ryan Adams. I love this guy. "Love is Hell Pt. 1" and "Heartbreaker" are two of my favorite albums ever.

9. "I was only there to sing your song. What were you protecting yourself from?"-"Mixtape"-Jimmy Eat World.

10. "I'm lookin' forward to the memories of right now"- "Unforgettable"- Drake. I love Drizzy.

Love, love, love.

Friday, November 4, 2011


I like to plan. I'm organized about really weird things. I have a bill binder (copied from my sister) that has a worksheet for all our bills and places them neatly together, month by month. My school stuff has to be perfectly in order and together or I get super annoyed. I love to plan parties and outings or movie nights. I also try to plan my future. Seriously, I'm the girl looking at job listings for nurse-midwives two years before I graduate "just to get an idea of the market".

I also try to plan for people. Lately, I've found myself trying to compartmentalize and make roles for people in my life. When they fall short, I get frustrated, even though they had no clue that I had this plan of who they should be in my head. I have these ideas, these plans of how things should progress. And sometimes, a lot of the time, they don't work. Things get said, or don't get said, that mess up that little plan I had and I get that wake-up call that tells me I can't plan for things like this. I overthink and overanalyze.

I talked about this the other night with a very good friend. She isn't a big fan of talking about emotional stuff, but whenever we do, they are really great conversations. I like them a lot. Anyways, I told her "If you got to choose all the nice, neat things in life, you'd miss out on the wonderful messy things. Sometimes, those are the best". This is one of those times when I so clearly need to listen to my own advice. Sometimes, something so great comes out of something so incredibly messy and complicated. I've seen it happen. But I've also seen perfectly made plans fall apart. Once things get off track of that vision you so neatly made, you give up. My goal from now on (is it too early for New Year's resolutions??) is to embrace the mess. To stop trying to fit people, relationships, moments into this idea I have of what they should be. To stop planning and overanalyzing and overthinking and just let it go.

Here are some songs I've been listening to that remind me of this idea.

1. "The Middle"-Jimmy Eat World. "It just takes some time, little girl, you in the middle of the ride". I like the idea of being in the middle. Knowing the past, knowing the now. But the future? No clue. I'm learning to be okay with that.

2. "Everything Will Be Alright"-Matt Wertz. "Why do we try, when it always turns out fine? Everything will be alright". Word.

3. "Then"-Brad Paisley. This song makes me so happy. So, basically, the guy goes through his life not believing he could ever be any more in love with this girl. Every big event in their lives, he says "and I thought I loved you then". This song reminds me that we have no idea of the great things that can happen.

4. "Stupid Boy"-Keith Urban. Besides the crazy-awesome guitar solo, the words in the songs always give me chills. The girl had plans, the boy didn't.

5. "Free"-Zac Brown Band. They live out of a van. They drive around the country. No plan. No money. And they are happy.

6. "I Saw"- Matt Nathanson. "I saw pictures in my head, I saw you opening up again". Heads up, what he see isn't what happens.

7. "The Way I Loved You"- Taylor Swift. She is with the guy who would fit a perfect plan of whatever you'd want in a relationship. But, she misses the messy and frustrating guy. "He's charming and endearing and I'm...comfortable". Ouch.

8. "As Lovers Go"-Dashboard Confessional. "Don't complicate it by hesitating". I love every line in this song.

9. "Ships in the Night"-Mat Kearney. "And if it all goes crashing into the sea, if it's just you and me, trying to find a light". This song is a good reminder not to run away when things don't go how you wanted them to.

10. "Last Train Home"-Ryan Starr. "The sun was coming down when I said 'Can't you just believe?". This song is about an imperfect relationship. Her dad isn't a fan of him, it's all messy. I love the line "Can't you just believe?" It doesn't have to be difficult, just keep the faith.

11. "Head or Your Heart"-Mat Kearney. "Choose one, baby, your head or your heart. Is this the game I've played from the start?". This song is just really great. I love Mat.

Morale of the story: Messes can be beautiful. Plans can be broken. Just go with it.

Love, love, love

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank you, Steve

I got my first iPod when I was 14 years old. It was a mini and probably one of the only pink things I've ever owned. I found it this summer and it only works on my Bose sound dock, but listening to it has brought back the most surreal memories. While I grew up loving music (my parents instilled that in me long, long ago), it was this first iPod that really opened up the enchanting, magical, captivating world of music to me.

At fourteen, I was a little unsure of a lot of things. What was I going to be when I grew up, where was I sitting at lunch, who would I go to Homecoming with...all of those seemed to be pretty earth-shattering freshman year of high school. Whenever I felt something that I felt I couldn't put into words, I turned to that little pink machine. It was a safety net, a therapist, a reassurance that I wasn't the only one dealing with whatever I was dealing with. I can't begin to count the nights that I fell asleep with those earbuds in.

As I've gotten older, a lot has changed. It's no longer decisions about college, Homecoming, or who to sit with at lunch. It's jobs. It's leaving home. It's falling in, or out of, love. While all that is different, the way I process it isn't. I still put on my headphones, still press "shuffle", and still listen as song after song says what I always want to (or sometimes they say what I do say, those are fun). I walk around campus with my big, black headphones on and maybe some people think that's rude or that I'm ignoring the world around me. It's actually quite the opposite; I think I see everything (and everyone) a bit brighter when my iPod is on.

I always joke that my most-played songs could tell you more about me than I could, but it's probably true. While the songs I listened to on that pink iPod mini are different than the ones on my iTouch, they still mean the same to me. They still make sense out of what is sometimes senseless, good or bad.

So, Steve Jobs, thank you. Thank you for creating the technology that has seen me through more than I could ever say. Thank you for giving me a way to escape from the craziness for a little bit or that gave me a way to define it. Thanks for all the nights I have just closed my eyes and listened. Thank you for the days I get to dance around my room like a fool to the songs playing from my iTunes. While it is quite obvious you changed the entire world, it is just as obvious that you changed mine.

Rest in peace.

With much love and gratitude from the 14 year old me and the 21 year old one,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Lyrics

This is installment 2 of my lyrics post (read 2 posts down if you need an update). I love that feeling when you hear a lyric for the first time and have to rewind the song immediately and replay it again and again. It still amazes me when a song can take what you are feeling, however complex or twisty you think it is, and wrap it up in 3 and a half minutes. I think that's pretty magical.

Anyways, here are some more lyrics to add to my "write on your arms" list that I wouldn't mind people seeing because they say what I want to better than I could, but in a non-committal henna tattoo sort of way.

1. "Waiting for something to set fire, wake up my soul"- "All the Faint Lights"- Steve Moakler.

2. "Haven't you noticed the way I look at you?"- "Naked"- South Jordan. (This song is so perfect in an awkwardly honest way)

3. "We'll be better then, maybe we could start all over again"- "Never Easy"- Kurt Nilson (I think he is Swedish. Potentially)

4."You don't deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you"- "Playing God"- Paramore.

5. "I'd rather have no love than to know love like this"- "I'd Rather Be Lonely"- Tyler Hilton.

6. "Everybody has to get their hands on gold, and I want uncharted"- "Uncharted"-Sara Bareilles

7. "So let go, time knows something we don't"-"Somebody's Gonna Love You"-Matt Wertz

8. "A heart don't forget something like that"- "Something Like That"- Tim McGraw

9. "All the time, it a'int nothin' on my mind but Georgia"- "Georgia"-Ludacris and Field Mob. (Gotta holla to the homestate)

10. "Excuse me while I fall for you"- "Hesitate"-Steve Moakler (he gets two shoutouts because his lyrics are that good...really, this whole song is magical)

Hopefully this makes sense to those of you who aren't crazy lyric people like me :)

Love, love, love

Friday, August 12, 2011


I started reading when I was 2 (really, I just memorized my copy of "Aladdin"..minor detail) and haven't ever stopped. I like stories. So, when stories are told through music, my little heart just loves it. I also like twists in stories, like "oh, no he didn't just do that" twists. Keeping things interesting is always a goal. I guess you could say every song is a story. Eh, I disagree.There needs to be a progression of time. Or something so personal that it isn't some generic pop song. Does that make sense?? It's almost 2am, so this all makes sense to me :) Anyways, here are some of my favorite stories told through a song:

1. "Highway 20 Ride"- Zac Brown Band. This story breaks my heart.

2. "Don't Take the Girl"- Tim McGraw. I cry every time I hear this song. When the chorus after the bridge starts, game over.

3. "Mary's Song (Oh My, My, My)" - Taylor Swift. I have to have a T.Swift song for this. This song is precious. I love this kind of love.

4. "Twenty-One"- Corey Smith. Getting older is both good and bad. This song reminds me of that.

5. "Gunpowder and Lead"- Miranda Lambert. I love this song. So sassy.

6. "Comfortable"- John Mayer. This is one of those songs so full of personal details that you are shocked when you have some of the same ones.

7. "Strawberry Wine"-Deanna Carter. I've loved this song for years. (Why are so many of these country songs??)

8. "Hands Down"- Dashboard Confessional. I have no explanation for this song. It is what it is (magical).

9. "Please Turn Red"- Andy Davis. I like the honesty of this song.

10. "He Stopped Loving Her Today"-George Jones. This is a classic, dang it. And probably the most tragic song of all time.

Okay, I'm done. Hopefully, the story thing makes sense?

Love, love, love

Thursday, July 21, 2011


It might not come as a surprise that my favorite parts of music are the words. I love how much emotion can be evoked by just a simple sentence or two strung together. I understand why a lot of people tat it up with their favorite lyrics. I'd probably do this if it wasn't for two reasons: 1. My mother would kick me to the curb and 2. My favorite lyrics change too much to have some permanently on me.

So, my girl T.Swift has started something new on her "Speak Now" tour. She writes lyrics down her arm (or really, I guess someone else does...minor detail) for every show. I like this. I'd do this if I wouldn't get weird looks all day. Maybe I'll write them really small on my ankle when I'm bored, or on my finger like those finger mustaches, but better.

Anyways, this got me thinking: what lyrics would I write on my arm for the world to see every night? What statement would I want to make? Here are a few ones that come to mind right now:

1. "We both know that I can think myself dizzy, and right now I'm spinning around"- "5:19"-Matt Wertz. I love Matt. This song says it all and this is one of my favorite lines.

2."Going back to Nashville, thinking 'bout the whole thing, guess you gotta run sometimes"- "Nashville"- David Mead. Lately, this song gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.

3. "' Cause you are all that I've waited for all my life. You pull me closer to love"- "Closer to Love"- Mat Kearney. This song makes me dance around.

4. "Please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you"- "Enchanted"- Taylor Swift. It's simple and it's honest.

5. "I'm sorry for you, just so you know"- "Say You're Sorry"- Sara Bareilles. This whole song is great.

6. "I call them April babies, 'cause they all fools"- "Mr. Carter"- Lil' Wayne. I smile every time I hear this. Haha, love Weezy.

7. "You're someone else's baby, you're someone else's crazy now"- "Queen of (K)nots"-Matt Nathanson. I love his lyrics. All of them.

8. "I guess your smile is the sun's way of lighting up what's dark"- "Sweetness in Starlight"- Matt Wertz. (The Matt's are blowing up this post...I'll never stop wishing they would all go on tour together)

9. "I bet He'd understand a heart like mine"- "Heart Like Mine"- Miranda Lambert. This is such a great line about God. I love it.

10. "We're taking a chance. We're the lucky ones"- "The Lucky Ones"- Brendan James. I like it. It's optimistic.

I'll probably do a post like this again. I like it.

Happy almost weekend.

Love, love, love

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding Music

I went to a dear friend's wedding a few days ago and it was an absolute blast!! I loved getting to dance around with old friends, and some new ones too. Of course, as a member of the female gender, weddings always make me wonder what my own will be like. My family is famous (infamous?) for throwing quite the party. My sister's wedding, which was six years ago, is still brought up as a prime example of a Morris family throwdown. I've got serious shoes to fill.

But, naturally, one of my favorite parts of a wedding is the music. From the father/daughter dance (I cry every damn time) to the closing song, I think the kind of music you play can be representative of what kind of couple you are. So, here are some songs I want played whenever I get married.

1. "Let's Get Married"- Jagged Edge and Run DMC. My future husband is required to be a fan of old school rap. My sister and I used to roll around town and rap this all the time. It's fun.

2. "Feels So Right"- Matt Wertz. This is cute. And wedding-y.

3. "Marry Me"- Train. Ok, I know, super obvious. But, I love this song! It's a great story and slow and pretty.

4. "Living On a Prayer"- Bon Jovi. I like big group sing-a-longs. A lot.

5. "Dixieland Delight"-Alabama. See above. Also, I'm sure this wedding will occur in the South (maybe in Tennessee... on a Saturday night?) , so it's appropriate.

6. "Pour Some Sugar on Me"-Def Leppard. It's just going to have to happen.

7. Some sort of group dance song. Not a huge fan of "The Electric Slide", but I do love the "Cha Cha Slide". Also, big fan of "Cupid Shuffle". Group dances are fun. Especially if there is an open bar.

8. "We Are Family"-Sister Sledge. The Morris family requires this to be played at family events. It gets real loud.

9. "Just the Way You Are"-Billy Joel. This was my mom and dad's wedding song. I smile every time I hear it, thinking about Mike rocking his white tux.

10. "Wedding Dress"- Matt Nathanson. This isn't a happy song...but I love it. I'll play it when I'm getting ready. Matt Nathanson is calming.

Love, love, love

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Leaving Song

I am horrible at goodbyes. I don't like them. I cry, but keep trying to talk and stutter, and then I sound like the last place contestant on "Toddlers and Tiaras" (or, what I imagine they sound like...all big hair, sequins, and tears).

Anyways, for the past four years of my life, every summer comes with goodbyes. Lots of them. You'd think they'd get easier, but no, no...they've become more difficult. See, these goodbyes come with a completely different forecast than those of our past. Yes, saying goodbye to my childhood friends was so hard and sad, but there was the knowledge that we'd see each other at holidays or summers or whenever we were home. These more recent goodbyes, well, they aren't so lucky. While Nashville isn't our official "home", something about this place drew us all here and brought us all together. We've made this our home. We've filled it with laughter and the overcoming of obstacles, long talks about the future and baked goods, late night study sessions or days when all we did was eat pancakes and stay in pajamas. We've become a special type of family here, the kind that chose to be together.

And then, as expected but always unprepared for, summer rolls around. We pack up our stuff and leave this place. I hate it. I hate it more this year than I have ever before. It just doesn't seem fair, does it? It's not, but it happens anyways. So, I listen to music (and write some..but that is for another day) and smile every time I get a text, g-chat, call, notification of FB stalking, or a in-person reunion. Those are the best. Here are the songs I've been listening to:

1. "Step Outside"-Secrets in Stereo. (Emo, duh. Sorry, not sorry)
2. "Crashing Down"-Mat Kearney
3. "Hands Down"-Dashboard Confessional (I'm not sure why I keep listening to this...but man, I sure love it)
4. "Feeling a Moment"-Feeder
5. "All We Are"- OneRepublic
6. "5:19"-Matt Wertz (This is one of my favorite songs ever, ever)
7. "Everything Will Be Alright"-Matt Wertz (This song is happy and true)
8. "The Sophomore"-Ben Rector (This song is all about transition...)
9. "Where the Story Ends"- The Fray.
10. "Almost Everything"- Wakey!Wakey! (The title of this album is "Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You"..yup)

So, those are the songs I'm jamming to around town. Some of them are sad (I am an emotional feeder when it comes to music), some are happy (okay, one..whatever), some say the things that I didn't because it never felt like the right time or right place. I have a feeling that I'll be listening to those ones for a while.

Here's to the next chapter, one that will hopefully be filled with as many perfect memories as this one.

Love, love, love

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Country, Ya'll

I love country music. I live in Nashville. I was born and raised in the South. And, I don't care what you say, there is nothing better than country music on the radio on a sunny afternoon drive. I took a country music class in college and it was one of my favorite classes ever. The professor wore his cowboy boots to class every day and would do that hair flick thing and I just adored him. I get made fun of a lot for it...haters gonna hate, I suppose.


Here are some of my favorite country songs. Some of them are happy, some of them are not. But they all tell stories about real things happening to real people, which I think is the best thing about country music.

1. "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?"- Thompson Square. Super cute. Super fun to sing along to.
2. "Cowboy Take Me Away"-Dixie Chicks. This song always makes me smile.
3. "Jackson"-Johnny Cash and June Carter. This song is so funny! I love Johnny Cash and wish that I could have seen him live. His records are some of my most played.
4. "Summertime"- Kenny Chesney. Perfect song for the summer. Makes me think of Braves games and the lake!
5. "Chicken Fried"- Zac Brown Band. "I was raised underneath the shade of a Georgia pine and that's home, you know". Word.
6. "Stay"-Sugarland. Ooooh, I love this song. I love when choruses get changed and have some dramatic ending.
7. "Gunpowder and Lead"-Miranda Lambert. Miranda is sassy. Love it.
8. "Song of the South"-Alabama. Classic country.
9. "He Stopped Loving Her Today"- George Jones. Such a tragic song. I love it.
10. "For a Little While"-Tim McGraw. I love Tim. This song is sad, but in a happy way....if that makes sense?

Ok, some of my favorites! Enjoy :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

OSD-Obsessive Song Disorder

I picked up an interesting habit from one of my roommates. When I first met her (almost three years ago..oh my goodness), I thought this was a little weird. She literally found a song and listened to it HUNDREDS of times. "Let Me Sign" by Robert Pattinson (yeah, Edward Cullen a really rough, breathy sort of suits him. He could sing to me anytime, especially when he wears his Wayfarers...I digress) was played over, over, over, and over the fall of our freshmen year.

However, at the end of our junior year, I now see it. I too have OSD-obsessive song disorder. Here are some of the songs that I play in the car, on the way to class, when I fall asleep, when I'm doing get the point.

1. "Somewhere with You"-Tyler Ward. I can't stop. Seriously, it's going to be a problem in the near future when I drive 4 hours home to Atlanta and listen to nothing but this song. It's a cover of a song by Kenny Chesney. I like this version infinitely more, mostly because I have a spot in my heart made especially for acoustic guitars. We play the same kind of guitar (a Taylor, in case you were wondering) and so I think that means we are soulmates. Maybe? This songs reminds me of summers and the way they used to be.

2. "In My Head"- Jason Derulo. I just love this song. I want to dance all around whenever I hear it. Marisa (the original OSDer) and I watched this video last year on a huge screen in a random classroom and were so enthralled by it. Deluca Heights, y'all.

3. "Comfortable"- John Mayer. This song breaks my heart. It's so personal and sad. And really familiar in that whole "I swear, John Mayer, you sing the boy-version of my life" sort of way. You'll know what I mean when you listen to it.

4."Will You Be There"-Boyce Avenue. Another cover. This song was on repeat after my trip to El Salvador last spring. I miss my friends there every day and this song reminds me of that magical week.

5."Our Song"-The Spill Canvas. I jammed to this every freaking day after work last summer. It's the perfect song for playing the drum on the steering wheel and singing at the top of your lungs on a July afternoon.

6. "Killing Me"-Graham Colton Band. I adore Graham Colton. I distinctly remember when I first heard him on David Letterman's show, I sitting on my living room couch with my best friend, Anna. We immediately got all of his songs. I've met him and seen him perform twice and can say that is just as nice as he is talented (which is a lot, duh). Some of my favorite lyrics of his are in this song "I wish I could pick up the phone and tell you how I'm feeling and tell you how I've changed, I tell you everything". He just came out with a new album. Go listen to it. Now.

7. "Between the Lines"- Sara Bareilles. She is so cool. This song was the first one of her's I heard and I fell in love with her voice! She is one hell of a writer and performer. I can't say enough good things about her.

8. "War Sweater"-Wakey!Wakey!. This one is on a lot of lists! But it's got a super cool piano track that I could listen to forever, and did last spring.

9. "Closer to Love"-Mat Kearney. This is one of my more recent obsessions. Dancing around my room to this while getting ready is one of my favorite things to do. Plus, the video is adorable. And Mat Kearney is fantastic.

10. "Come Pick Me Up"-Ryan Adams. Last fall, I listened to this when I walked up 21st Ave. every day. It was perfect for the weather and the harmonica is an under-appreciated instrument.

Okay. There are some of my OSD songs from the past few years. Do you have any? Oh, and thanks Marisa, for passing this on to me. I don't think it is weird anymore :)

Love, love, love.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Music + TV= Shannon cries and her roommates laugh at her.

As I have said before, and will probably say 1,000,000 more times, music is my best way to process emotions. I feel like I always have some sort of soundtrack going on in the background of my life and so naturally, I love a really good soundtrack for a TV show or movie. I love when someone finds a song that fits so perfectly in a scene. I love when there is no dialogue, just some soft background music. I love when someone is chasing the person they love down the street, or is crying on the bathroom floor, or is getting married and a song is blasting through the television. It makes those moments that much more dramatic.

So, here are some of my favorite musical moments from TV.

1. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" musical: This is the coolest thing ever. I love Buffy (totally the reason I took karate...I secretly wanted to be the Slayer. I would have been good at it. I love a good leather jacket and a roundhouse kick). The musical episode was great because not only were the songs incredible, I was so surprised at the talent of some of the actors (emphasis on 'some'..but hey, they tried!) I miss the writing of Joss genius.

2. Season 6 finale of OTH: "War Sweater" by Wakey!Wakey! No words, just different shots played over the incredibly powerful song. I replayed it over and over on TiVo just so I could learn the words. Th

3. "Chasing Cars"- Snow Patrol in season 2 finale of "Grey's Anatomy". Oh, oh, oh. I sobbed. And sobbed. And then cried some more. Perfection. I will always remember this song and that scene. Izzy. I miss Izzy.

4. "Hallelujah" by Imogen Heap in season 3 finale of "The O.C." Another one with no words, just Ryan carrying Marissa away from the car accident. Ugh, tragic. I miss "The O.C.".

5. "Grey's Anatomy" musical: I know a lot of people did not dig this. I really, really loved it. It was so cool to hear songs from pivotal moments in the show. A musical history. Of course I loved it. Medicine and music are my two favorite things. Perfect.

<3 <3 <3

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What To Do When You Have No Patience and Hate to Study...

I saw this on are supposed to list thirty songs attached to certain topics, one a day. That requires me to remember to do something for 30 days...probably not going to happen. So, I'm going to post them all at once. HA! (My weak attempt at being any type of rebellious). (Also, this is an attempt at me doing anything but studying for a midterm tomorrow)

1 - your favorite song- Right now? "Highway 20 Ride"- Zac Brown Band

2 - your least favorite song- "Can't Be Tamed"-Miley Cyrus

3 - a song that makes you happy- "Marry Me"-Train

4 - a song that makes you sad- "When the Sun Goes Down in Georgia"- Corey Smith

5 - a song that reminds you of someone- "Slide"-Goo Goo Dolls

6 - a song that reminds you of somewhere- "Best Not to Think About It"- Athlete

7 - a song that reminds you of a certain event- "Enchanted"- Taylor Swift.

8 - a song that you know all the words to- Haha, too many. But, "Ice, Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice comes to mind :)

9 - a song that you can dance to-Pretty much anything..but I love dancing around to "Every Thing She Does is Magic" by Sting and the Police

10- a song that makes you fall asleep - "A Falling Through"- Ray LaMontagne

11 - a song from your favorite band- "Hotel California"- The Eagles

12 - a song from a band you hate- That "Blue" song by the blue people. Ughhhh.

13 - a song that is a guilty pleasure- "Never Say Never"- Justin Bieber feat. Jayden Smith

14- a song that no one would expect you to love- "Burnin' Up" -Jonas Brothers

15 - a song that describes you - "Uncharted"-Sara Bareilles. Definitely.

16 - a song that you used to love but now hate- "Mmmbop"-Hanson. This song makes absolutely no sense. Why did we all love it??

17 - a song that you hear often on the radio- "Just a Dream"-Nelly

18 - a song that you wish you heard on the radio- "Closer to Love"- Mat Kearney

19 - a song from your favorite album- "Jackson"- Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

20 - a song that you listen to when you’re angry- "Makedamnsure"- Taking Back Sunday

21 - a song that you listen to when you’re happy- "Gypsy Girl"- Ryan Horne

22 - a song that you listen to when you’re sad- "I Shall Believe"- Sheryl Crow

23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding- "Lost in This Moment"-Big and Rich. Maybe not AT my wedding, but maybe when I'm getting ready? It might be too cheesy for me, but I secretly (not so secretly now...) love it. Side note, this song is on an album that has one of my favorite album names: "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace".

24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral- "I Hope You Dance"-LeeAnn Womack

25 - a song that makes you laugh- "Bust a Move"- MC Hammer

26 - a song that you can play on an instrument- "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room"-John Mayer

27 - a song that you wish you could play- "Comfortable"- John Mayer

28 - a song that makes you feel guilty- "Boys with Girlfriends" Meiko

29 - a song from your childhood- "Free Fallin'"- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

30 - your favorite song at this time last year- "Need You Now"- Lady Antebellum

This was a long post..took up some time. Now, back to Experimental Research Methods.

Love, love, love.

Monday, February 14, 2011


It's Valentine's Day. Not my favorite holiday (Christmas), but not my least favorite (International Clown exists and I am terrified by it). Yes, it does have the potential to be obnoxious and showy, but this year it was pretty good. I'm a believer that it is the simple things that make love great, not life-sized bears that you have to carry around school all day. Or those wonderful conversation hearts. Or Disney-themed cards..elementary school was so great.

All joking aside, despite my love of angry music and the color black, I definitely try to see love in everything. I'm lucky enough to have parents that have been together since they were 16 years old as the perfect role models of what love should be. It's friendship in its most beautiful form. It's being able to laugh through the bad times and be thankful for the good ones. I also have a best friend and lovely sister who has found her other half in one of the greatest people I have ever known (he chose to be a part of my crazy family, so you know he is pretty brave :)). They give me faith that, despite all the craziness in the world today, we will find the one person who makes everything make sense. So, obviously, I have pretty big shoes to fill with my family when it comes to love.

Over winter break, my sweet Daddy came home from work and was talking to me as I put away dishes. The convo went as follows.

Mike "Your mother tells me you think you are going to be a cat lady"
Mike "Don't worry. You are beautiful. You are going to find the right person. It doesn't always happen when you're in high school, like it did with me and your mom, but it will happen."

He is so precious.

Sooooo. In honor of this day, here are some of my favorite love songs. Songs that I like to put on when I'm feeling all optimistic or when I need to be. Songs that I put on as I'm getting ready when I think I might get to see someone really special. Songs that I drive down the road to, blaring them because I believe that love can be louder than just about anything else in your head.

WHOA. Sorry for the rant. I'm writing all this sappy mess because I want people to know that if you are feeling lonely or whatever today, don't. You are beautiful in every way and someday, someone will come along and change everything. I believe that. And if you are enjoying today with someone, that's awesome. Hold on to them. And if you are enjoying this day without someone and doing just fine, you are a badass and I salute you.

Love, love, love. Me.

1. Something to Lose-Corey Smith. This song is so innocent and and true. I love it.
2. Princess-Matt Nathanson. This is fun to dance around to.
3. Better Together-Jack Johnson. I think I use this song a lot. But it is effortless and honest, two things love should always be.
4. Sweet and Low-Augustana. "No one's giving up quite yet, we've got too much to lose"
5. She (For Liz)-Parachute. "How can the only thing that's killing me make me feel so alive?"
6. I Believe in You-Tyler Hilton. "That's all I need, someone like you burning through me" Tyler is so wonderful.
7. I Just Realized-Matt Wertz. The acoustic guitar and the simplicity of the words are perfect. This song makes me want to lay in a grassy field in the summer.
8. You and Me-Lifehouse. I still get chills when I hear this.
9. To Be With You-Mr. Big. Old school 90's. Probably my favorite love song of all time. I play it on guitar and it instantly puts me in a good mood.
10. Let Love In- The Goo Goo Dolls. "You're the only one I've ever believed in, the answer that could never be found the moment you decided to let love it".

Friday, February 4, 2011


I love concerts. Like really, really, really love them. There is something about the way a place feels when people are crammed in and anxiously awaiting the artist to appear. It's so full of energy and excitement and it is one of my favorite places to be. I have been very fortunate to be able to go to a lot of concerts. Atlanta gets the majority of tours and, of course, everyone wants to play in Music City.

My inspiration for this post comes from my most recent concert ticket purchase. On September 17, I will be watching Taylor Swift from floor seats in Nashville. FLOOR SEATS. TAYLOR SWIFT. OH MY GOSHHHHHHH. For those of you who know me, you know my love of T.Swift goes back to the summer before junior year of high school. I can tell you exactly where I was the first time I heard "Picture to Burn" (my friend Kristin's room during her 17th birthday party). She is, in my opinion, the most relatable artist out there and one of my favorite things to do is drive with my windows down blaring "You Belong with Me" or "White Horse". This show will be the 5th time I've seen her live. Judge me, whatever.

Anyways, great concerts always equate to great memories. Here are some of my favorites:

1. The Fray. June, 2009. Atlanta, GA. Chastain Amphitheater. I LOVE The Fray. They are so, so talented and put on an amazing live show. And it started pouring down it was one of those huge Southern summer storms. They still played. Acoustically. After hearing "Never Say Never" like this, I totally understand why some people explain music as a religious experience.

2. John Mayer. February, 2010. Nashville, TN. Sommet Center. John Mayer is my guitar hero. He makes me want to buy a Stratocaster and play all day. His lyrics are clever. Plus, he cried on stage. It got real deep up in Sommet Center.

3. NSYNC-2001. Atlanta, GA. Philips Arena. No Strings Attached tour. I loved (still love) Justin Timberlake and they were just such wonderful performers. I miss boy bands.

4. Backstreet Boys-2001. Charlotte, NC. I liked BSB (not more than NSYNC) and they put on a good show, but for me, my favorite part is that my mom drove me all the way to Charlotte to take me to this concert with my cousins. I still remember laughing in the front seat and singing along the whole way up there. I hope I get do this with my daughter someday.

5. Taylor Swift, September 2009. Nashville, TN. Sommet Center. I sat next to the funniest 9 year old girl who was an oversharer to the extreme. And the "Fearless" tour was amazing. Faith Hill came out and sang with Taylor and the whole show was just a really awesome production.

6. Toby Keith, 2008. Atlanta, GA. Lakewood Amphitheater. There were a lot of rednecks at this show. But, the best part was when my best friends all put their arms around each other during "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This"...we are so lame. Plus, Miranda Lambert opened for him and she is so cool.

7. Sara Barielles. October, 2010. Nashville, TN. Ryman Auditorium. Sara is one of the best artists I have ever seen live. She is funny and talented and puts on an incredible show. She is proof that you don't need fireworks, backup dancers, and a flying stage to be an amazing performer.

8. All for the Hall, October 2009 and October 2010. Nashville, TN. Sommet/Bridgestone. This concert is a benefit for the Country Music Hall of Fame (which I highly suggest you check out if you are ever in the Nashville area) and it has the best lineup of artists. Keith Urban and Vince Gill host it and Keith plays a long set (which always includes "Stupid Boy") and the rest of the artists play two songs. Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, Dolly Parton, John Mayer, Miranda Lambert, Faith Hill, Taylor Swift, and more have played this benefit. I can't wait for next year's show.

Okay. There are some of my faves. Yay for live music :)

Love, love, love.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High School

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've got a lot of free time this semester. I've blogged more in the first month of 2011 than I did in 6 months of 2010. Whatever, I'm enjoying it.

So, I've been going through a sort of nostalgia lately. I was looking through old pictures from homecoming one year and remembering a lot of silly and wonderful things. I was really lucky in high school. I had (and still have) a group of best friends that were there for everything. And while most of us went different directions after graduation, when you get us together, nothing has changed. I can still tell them everything and they just get it. I love that the same people who saw you through your first heartbreak at 15 can still be there for the ones at 18 or 21. We've been through a lot and not a day goes by where I don't think of them or thank God for putting them in my life. And while this little ramble might be deep, the selection of our favorite songs are not. Haha, enjoy.

1. Pour Some Sugar on Me-Def Leppard. If songs could tell stories about the people who listen to them...this song could write a book. I will never forget the nights this got played on repeat.
2. My Humps- Black Eyed Peas. There is a dance to this. A dance that I'm pretty sure we all could still do on demand.
3. Cherry Pie-Warrant. Why did we have such an obsession with trashy 80's rock???
4. All for You-Sister Hazel. Lots of sing alongs to this one. :)
5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-Miranda Lambert. " 'Cause baby, to a hammer everything looks like a nail"
6. If I Could Do it Again- Corey Smith. Really any Corey song, but this is just classic. Reminds me of summer.
7. Halo-Bethany Joy Lenz. Spring Break '06. (SB '06 also gets a certain, umm inappropriate song by Ludacris)
8. Jump On It- Sir Mix a Lot. High school football games.Oh boy.
9. Why Don't You Love Me- Amanda Marshall. This might just be me and Anna..but man, did we listen to this over and over and over :)
10. The entire "Blues for Lovers" album. We found this in a rented van on a student gov trip before junior year. It is so magical and was legitamatley titled "Blues for Lovers". 'Bootleg Baby' was a group favorite.
11. Best Days-Graham Colton. Our Graduation song. I still tear up when I hear it :) "Let's make the best of tonight, here comes the rest of our lives"

Okay. There are some of the best. One of my favorite things about music are the memories that come back when you hear a song. There are so many memories attached to each of these, and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Love, love, love.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two is Better than One?

In my opinion, duets fall into two categories: incredibly awesome or next-level cheesy. Depending on the day, I prefer one over the other. And yes, technically, the majority of rap songs are duets...but I'm talking one artist coming up to another and saying "I have a really awesome song that I would love your help on" (This is how I picture the music clearly not how it is). So here are some of my favorites.

Incredibly Amazing:

1. Come Home-OneRepublic feat. Sara Barielles. Why was this never released? Or maybe it was and I missed it. Whatever. It's perfect.
2. Over and Over-Nelly feat. Tim McGraw. What a great team. I love when music blurs the lines between genres and this totally does. I wish Nelly would come to Rites of Spring...
3. Lucky-Jason Mraz and Colbie Cailliat. This song is adorable. It always makes me smile
4. Odds of Being Alone-Amy Stroup and Trent Dabbs. One of my most-played songs. It has one of my favorite lines ever in a song (I'm not telling you what it is for fear of further exposing my emo-ness that is already so evident, haha)
5.Carry You Home-Nashville Skyline. This might sound like a band, but it's not. It's Matthew Ryan and Courtney Jaye. This song was written for the season finale of OTH last year. It was written in Nashville by a group of people with the show. It's beautiful.
6. Jackson- Johnny Cash and June Carter. One of my favorite songs ever. I love, love, love Johnny Cash.
7.The Boy is Mine- Brandy and Monica. Do I even need to explain the magic that is this song??

Next-Level Cheesy

1.Picture- Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. Why did this happen? Kid Rock? Really? Lyrically and vocally, it's great. I just can't get the image of Kid Rock in a fur trench coat and cowboy hat out of my head long enough to take it seriously.
2. Two is Better than One- Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift. I will be the first to share my love of Taylor Swift..but this song is straight-up silly.
3. Endless Love-Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross. Any time I hear this, I think of Happy Gilmore.
4. Ebony and Ivory- Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. What?
5. Beautiful Liar- Beyonce and Shakira. Wack. Wack. Wack.
6. Magic Stick- 50 Cent and Lil Kim. Ehhhhh. So awkward.

Okay, that's all I have for now. I had a good time searching my iTunes for these. Yeah, I have them all. I wish I had a reason why...but I sure don't.

Love, love, love.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New blog name, same blog stuff

I've decided it was time for a new blog name and background. My reasons (if you need reasons..if not, hang on til Sunday and I'll post some music) are as follows

1. That old background was straight-up blah. This one is pretty, but chill. I like the peacock feathers. And the cool font.

2. The blog has moved on from my 100 songs and is now just about any song or groups of songs. My list is still on here and I still believe that everyone should make their own because it has been one of the most reflective things I've ever done.

3. I like this new name. Wanna know why? Sometimes, there are those moments where there just aren't words. Sometimes those moments are really happy, like first-kiss-happy. Sometimes, those moments aren't so happy, like first-heartbreak-tragic. So, for me, when I'm going through stuff like that, I might not be willing to talk about it. Mostly, because when I'm really happy or really nervous/upset, I ramble. It gets rough. So, instead of mulling over every time when I said this instead of saying that and playing the moment back in my head, I turn on some music. I put on my iPod, crank up Pandora, or turn on my record player and just listen. So, for me, choosing music over silence is the most obvious thing out there. It's how I celebrate all the good and make sense of the bad.

So, there it is. Thank you for reading this. And if you ever need a first-kiss-with-someone-new mix or a really tragic breakup mix, I got your back.

Love, love,love.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Songs about the South

While my parents are from the north, I was born and raised in the fine state of Georgia. Despite our Conservative tendencies and occasional moments of nationwide attention for the weirdest stuff ("Pants on the Ground"...remember that?? Or, the ridiculous stickers in the front our our science books about evolution???), I love my state. Nothing will ever compare to humid summer nights, finding the best sweet tea, or that famous southern hospitality. I never even looked at schools out of the south nor do I plan on ever really leaving it (unless my husband ends up becoming President. I could kick it in the White House for a few years, I suppose).

So, here are some songs about life in the South. I love listening to them when driving down the road in summer. Or winter, because they give me hope that it won't always be 20 degrees when I'm walking to class.

1. Sweet Southern Comfort- Buddy Jewel. The simplicity of this song is lovely. I also like the shoutouts each state gets.
2. Southern Girl-Amos Lee. I like singing this song while getting ready. Amos Lee has such a great voice. It's sort of sad, but I don't care.
3. Song of the South-Alabama. Have to throw it in here. Fun to sing along to. Plus, sweet potato pie is real good, y'all.
4. Dixieland Delight- Alabama. I love when this comes on at a bar. Everyone freaks out. It is so great to watch. Plus, I'm not sure there is anything better than a Tennessee Saturday night.
5. Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd Skynyrd. It does not matter if you are not from Alabama. Everyone recognizes that guitar intro. My sister has given me the habit of turning this on every time I cross the state border into Alabama. And remember, depending on where you are, watch out if you toss in a "Roll Tide Roll" or a "War Damn Eagle" in the chorus...
6. Where I Come From-Alan Jackson. This song always makes me laugh. And want some chicken and cornbread.
7. When the Sun Goes Down in Georgia-Corey Smith. Whoa. This was the only song I listened to for about a week about four years ago. It's not really about the south...but it talks about Georgia and pine trees. Good enough for me.
8. Carolina-Corey Smith. I love this song. I miss South Carolina whenever I listen to it. "It all makes one hell of a reminder, keeps me crying Carolina".
9. Mayberry-Rascal Flatts. Not a real town, but whatever. Someday, I want to raise my kids in a place like this.
10. Kountry Gentleman- Family Force 5. I love singing this and dancing around and being silly. The album is called "Business Up Front, Party in the Back"..I appreciate a good mullet shoutout. "My mama raised me in the dirty South, a kountry gentleman, so you best watch your mouth". Hahaha.
11. Georgia- Ludacris and friends. I LOVE THIS. I know all the words. Back off. "I got five Georgia homes, where I rest my Georgia bones, come anywhere on my land and I'll aim at ya Georgia dome" AWWW SHOOOOT. Clever.
12. Welcome to Atlanta-Jermaine Dupre, Luda, and some other dude- This song speaks da truth. Also, it's what we listen to when we cross back into GA from Alabama.

Enjoy. Y'all come back now.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Have you ever been driving down the road, listening to the radio, and then all of a sudden a song just takes a turn for the creepy worse?? Like it's a great jam, but that one line is borderline uncomfortable. Naturally, I like to find these songs and play them a ridiculous amount of times. Here are some of my faves:

1. Please Don't Go- Mike Posner. "If you leave, I'm gonna find you". Please don't. That's stalking. Great song, otherwise.
2. Every Breath You Take-Sting and the Police. This is the ultimate creeper jam. "Every step you take, I'll be watching you". Unacceptable.
3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend- Miranda Lambert. Okay, I get the whole "jealous ex-girlfriend" thing. But stalking out five bars and bringing your gun's a little much.
4. The Mixed Tape- Jack's Mannequin. "I read your letter, the one you left when you broke into my house". Um..wait, since when is B&E romantically acceptable? The answer is never.
5. All Hail the Heartbreaker-The Spill Canvas. "What if I ripped your heart apart at the seams, maybe then you'd know how I feel". Whoa. Whoa. Chill....a little too aggressive.
6. Loving You From a Distance- Corey Smith. This whole song is just creepy. Like "guy standing in the corner staring down the pretty girl" creepy.

Okay, that's all I have for now. Creep on, playas.