Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy songs?

So recently, I was in a really happy mood. Not that this is unusual by any means, it was just one of those times when you can't stop smiling. As I was explaining this all to my lovely roommates and a wonderful friend of ours, I searched through my iTunes for some songs to illustrate how I was feeling. So I scrolled down..and down...and further down. It was then that I realized something tragically funny. I DON'T HAVE ANY FREAKING HAPPY MUSIC. Okay, okay so I have some really great rap jams and songs that want to make you dance around your room..but I don't have any of those "Oh, today was so magical and I have to share my happiness with everyone or I just might burst with joy" songs. (Typing that made me cringe..but I'm trying to broaden my musical horizons guys..reallllly trying here).

So...this is what I have found in terms of happy, optimistic songs that don't make me want to gag:

1. "She (For Liz)"- Parachute. This is about having the courage to go out on a limb for someone who seems really great.
2. "Better Together"- Jack Johnson. Ok, so yes, this is typical. BUT I LOVE IT. "Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart"
3."When I Look to the Sky"-Train. Kind of slower. But the words are so pretty.
4. "Slide"-Goo Goo Dolls. This is about love, right? I think so
5. "Sparks Fly"- Taylor Swift. I like the old school, non-album edition better, but the one on "Speak Now" is good, too.
6. "Why Don't You"- Ingram Hill. This song is about asking someone who has been hurt before to trust that you won't do the same thing.
7. "Something to Lose"-Corey Smith. Innocently cute..which is weird since Corey's other songs include "F*** the PoPo"
8. "Follow Through"-Gavin Degraw. On, love, love this. It's simple and direct, everything that I think a happy love song should be.
9. "Stolen"- Dashboard Confessional. I had to put a Dashboard one in here. I like the "Dusk and Summer" edition of this. It makes me want to put on a dress and spin around (which I often apologies).
10. "Kiss Me Thru the Phone"- Soulja Boy. Didn't see that one coming, huh??? Ha! Seriously, this song makes me smile every time I hear it. But, real talk, do not call (678)999-8212...your phone will blow UP with texts from Soulja Boy's marketing team. Not that I did that..a friend told me........

Okay. That's what I have right now. If you feel inclined, let me know what songs make you feel all happy and smiley.

Happy holidays.

Love, love, love.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Gasoline Rainbows"

I have not heard much about the Gulf oil spill lately. That makes me sad. Really, really sad. Our media has moved on to the next celebrity arrest, football player scandal, or the latest drama on "The Real Housewives of Blah, Blah Blah". There is still so much that needs to be done on the Gulf coast. There are families that lost their only means of survival when the water turned slick with gallons of gasoline. There are animals and wetlands that are forever damaged or destroyed.

I'm a big supporter of campaigns aimed to help the lives of others, whether they are in Africa or Alabama, Pakistan or Pennsylvania. I know, I know..this might make me a "crazy liberal", but I'd like to believe that someday, if I am in the midst of some natural or manmade disaster..there will be people wanting to help. Whether it's money, or food, or simply a place to get out of the cold that seems to cover our planet these days, the power that comes from one human helping another is just really awesome . I guess, more than anything, I believe in the human spirit. The perseverance and determination that it takes to stand up, look at surrounding despair, and believe in the power to fix it.

While the oil spill may be "over", its effects will continue to be felt. Maybe you can't go down to assist in cleanup or relief efforts, BUT, you can go on iTunes and buy the "Gasoline Rainbows" album. Put together by "One Tree Hill's" Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols, this compilation features Vampire Weekend, Amy Kuney, Phoenix, Passion Pit, and many other talented musicians. If you don't have the $15 now..wait til you get those iTunes gift cards for Christmas!! All proceeds go directly to Gulf relief. And the music kicks serious ass.

Love, Love, Love.