Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High School

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've got a lot of free time this semester. I've blogged more in the first month of 2011 than I did in 6 months of 2010. Whatever, I'm enjoying it.

So, I've been going through a sort of nostalgia lately. I was looking through old pictures from homecoming one year and remembering a lot of silly and wonderful things. I was really lucky in high school. I had (and still have) a group of best friends that were there for everything. And while most of us went different directions after graduation, when you get us together, nothing has changed. I can still tell them everything and they just get it. I love that the same people who saw you through your first heartbreak at 15 can still be there for the ones at 18 or 21. We've been through a lot and not a day goes by where I don't think of them or thank God for putting them in my life. And while this little ramble might be deep, the selection of our favorite songs are not. Haha, enjoy.

1. Pour Some Sugar on Me-Def Leppard. If songs could tell stories about the people who listen to them...this song could write a book. I will never forget the nights this got played on repeat.
2. My Humps- Black Eyed Peas. There is a dance to this. A dance that I'm pretty sure we all could still do on demand.
3. Cherry Pie-Warrant. Why did we have such an obsession with trashy 80's rock???
4. All for You-Sister Hazel. Lots of sing alongs to this one. :)
5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-Miranda Lambert. " 'Cause baby, to a hammer everything looks like a nail"
6. If I Could Do it Again- Corey Smith. Really any Corey song, but this is just classic. Reminds me of summer.
7. Halo-Bethany Joy Lenz. Spring Break '06. (SB '06 also gets a certain, umm inappropriate song by Ludacris)
8. Jump On It- Sir Mix a Lot. High school football games.Oh boy.
9. Why Don't You Love Me- Amanda Marshall. This might just be me and Anna..but man, did we listen to this over and over and over :)
10. The entire "Blues for Lovers" album. We found this in a rented van on a student gov trip before junior year. It is so magical and was legitamatley titled "Blues for Lovers". 'Bootleg Baby' was a group favorite.
11. Best Days-Graham Colton. Our Graduation song. I still tear up when I hear it :) "Let's make the best of tonight, here comes the rest of our lives"

Okay. There are some of the best. One of my favorite things about music are the memories that come back when you hear a song. There are so many memories attached to each of these, and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Love, love, love.

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