Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Lyrics

This is installment 2 of my lyrics post (read 2 posts down if you need an update). I love that feeling when you hear a lyric for the first time and have to rewind the song immediately and replay it again and again. It still amazes me when a song can take what you are feeling, however complex or twisty you think it is, and wrap it up in 3 and a half minutes. I think that's pretty magical.

Anyways, here are some more lyrics to add to my "write on your arms" list that I wouldn't mind people seeing because they say what I want to better than I could, but in a non-committal henna tattoo sort of way.

1. "Waiting for something to set fire, wake up my soul"- "All the Faint Lights"- Steve Moakler.

2. "Haven't you noticed the way I look at you?"- "Naked"- South Jordan. (This song is so perfect in an awkwardly honest way)

3. "We'll be better then, maybe we could start all over again"- "Never Easy"- Kurt Nilson (I think he is Swedish. Potentially)

4."You don't deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you"- "Playing God"- Paramore.

5. "I'd rather have no love than to know love like this"- "I'd Rather Be Lonely"- Tyler Hilton.

6. "Everybody has to get their hands on gold, and I want uncharted"- "Uncharted"-Sara Bareilles

7. "So let go, time knows something we don't"-"Somebody's Gonna Love You"-Matt Wertz

8. "A heart don't forget something like that"- "Something Like That"- Tim McGraw

9. "All the time, it a'int nothin' on my mind but Georgia"- "Georgia"-Ludacris and Field Mob. (Gotta holla to the homestate)

10. "Excuse me while I fall for you"- "Hesitate"-Steve Moakler (he gets two shoutouts because his lyrics are that good...really, this whole song is magical)

Hopefully this makes sense to those of you who aren't crazy lyric people like me :)

Love, love, love

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