Saturday, January 29, 2011

New blog name, same blog stuff

I've decided it was time for a new blog name and background. My reasons (if you need reasons..if not, hang on til Sunday and I'll post some music) are as follows

1. That old background was straight-up blah. This one is pretty, but chill. I like the peacock feathers. And the cool font.

2. The blog has moved on from my 100 songs and is now just about any song or groups of songs. My list is still on here and I still believe that everyone should make their own because it has been one of the most reflective things I've ever done.

3. I like this new name. Wanna know why? Sometimes, there are those moments where there just aren't words. Sometimes those moments are really happy, like first-kiss-happy. Sometimes, those moments aren't so happy, like first-heartbreak-tragic. So, for me, when I'm going through stuff like that, I might not be willing to talk about it. Mostly, because when I'm really happy or really nervous/upset, I ramble. It gets rough. So, instead of mulling over every time when I said this instead of saying that and playing the moment back in my head, I turn on some music. I put on my iPod, crank up Pandora, or turn on my record player and just listen. So, for me, choosing music over silence is the most obvious thing out there. It's how I celebrate all the good and make sense of the bad.

So, there it is. Thank you for reading this. And if you ever need a first-kiss-with-someone-new mix or a really tragic breakup mix, I got your back.

Love, love,love.

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