Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding Music

I went to a dear friend's wedding a few days ago and it was an absolute blast!! I loved getting to dance around with old friends, and some new ones too. Of course, as a member of the female gender, weddings always make me wonder what my own will be like. My family is famous (infamous?) for throwing quite the party. My sister's wedding, which was six years ago, is still brought up as a prime example of a Morris family throwdown. I've got serious shoes to fill.

But, naturally, one of my favorite parts of a wedding is the music. From the father/daughter dance (I cry every damn time) to the closing song, I think the kind of music you play can be representative of what kind of couple you are. So, here are some songs I want played whenever I get married.

1. "Let's Get Married"- Jagged Edge and Run DMC. My future husband is required to be a fan of old school rap. My sister and I used to roll around town and rap this all the time. It's fun.

2. "Feels So Right"- Matt Wertz. This is cute. And wedding-y.

3. "Marry Me"- Train. Ok, I know, super obvious. But, I love this song! It's a great story and slow and pretty.

4. "Living On a Prayer"- Bon Jovi. I like big group sing-a-longs. A lot.

5. "Dixieland Delight"-Alabama. See above. Also, I'm sure this wedding will occur in the South (maybe in Tennessee... on a Saturday night?) , so it's appropriate.

6. "Pour Some Sugar on Me"-Def Leppard. It's just going to have to happen.

7. Some sort of group dance song. Not a huge fan of "The Electric Slide", but I do love the "Cha Cha Slide". Also, big fan of "Cupid Shuffle". Group dances are fun. Especially if there is an open bar.

8. "We Are Family"-Sister Sledge. The Morris family requires this to be played at family events. It gets real loud.

9. "Just the Way You Are"-Billy Joel. This was my mom and dad's wedding song. I smile every time I hear it, thinking about Mike rocking his white tux.

10. "Wedding Dress"- Matt Nathanson. This isn't a happy song...but I love it. I'll play it when I'm getting ready. Matt Nathanson is calming.

Love, love, love

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