Thursday, July 21, 2011


It might not come as a surprise that my favorite parts of music are the words. I love how much emotion can be evoked by just a simple sentence or two strung together. I understand why a lot of people tat it up with their favorite lyrics. I'd probably do this if it wasn't for two reasons: 1. My mother would kick me to the curb and 2. My favorite lyrics change too much to have some permanently on me.

So, my girl T.Swift has started something new on her "Speak Now" tour. She writes lyrics down her arm (or really, I guess someone else does...minor detail) for every show. I like this. I'd do this if I wouldn't get weird looks all day. Maybe I'll write them really small on my ankle when I'm bored, or on my finger like those finger mustaches, but better.

Anyways, this got me thinking: what lyrics would I write on my arm for the world to see every night? What statement would I want to make? Here are a few ones that come to mind right now:

1. "We both know that I can think myself dizzy, and right now I'm spinning around"- "5:19"-Matt Wertz. I love Matt. This song says it all and this is one of my favorite lines.

2."Going back to Nashville, thinking 'bout the whole thing, guess you gotta run sometimes"- "Nashville"- David Mead. Lately, this song gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.

3. "' Cause you are all that I've waited for all my life. You pull me closer to love"- "Closer to Love"- Mat Kearney. This song makes me dance around.

4. "Please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you"- "Enchanted"- Taylor Swift. It's simple and it's honest.

5. "I'm sorry for you, just so you know"- "Say You're Sorry"- Sara Bareilles. This whole song is great.

6. "I call them April babies, 'cause they all fools"- "Mr. Carter"- Lil' Wayne. I smile every time I hear this. Haha, love Weezy.

7. "You're someone else's baby, you're someone else's crazy now"- "Queen of (K)nots"-Matt Nathanson. I love his lyrics. All of them.

8. "I guess your smile is the sun's way of lighting up what's dark"- "Sweetness in Starlight"- Matt Wertz. (The Matt's are blowing up this post...I'll never stop wishing they would all go on tour together)

9. "I bet He'd understand a heart like mine"- "Heart Like Mine"- Miranda Lambert. This is such a great line about God. I love it.

10. "We're taking a chance. We're the lucky ones"- "The Lucky Ones"- Brendan James. I like it. It's optimistic.

I'll probably do a post like this again. I like it.

Happy almost weekend.

Love, love, love

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