Sunday, January 23, 2011

Songs about the South

While my parents are from the north, I was born and raised in the fine state of Georgia. Despite our Conservative tendencies and occasional moments of nationwide attention for the weirdest stuff ("Pants on the Ground"...remember that?? Or, the ridiculous stickers in the front our our science books about evolution???), I love my state. Nothing will ever compare to humid summer nights, finding the best sweet tea, or that famous southern hospitality. I never even looked at schools out of the south nor do I plan on ever really leaving it (unless my husband ends up becoming President. I could kick it in the White House for a few years, I suppose).

So, here are some songs about life in the South. I love listening to them when driving down the road in summer. Or winter, because they give me hope that it won't always be 20 degrees when I'm walking to class.

1. Sweet Southern Comfort- Buddy Jewel. The simplicity of this song is lovely. I also like the shoutouts each state gets.
2. Southern Girl-Amos Lee. I like singing this song while getting ready. Amos Lee has such a great voice. It's sort of sad, but I don't care.
3. Song of the South-Alabama. Have to throw it in here. Fun to sing along to. Plus, sweet potato pie is real good, y'all.
4. Dixieland Delight- Alabama. I love when this comes on at a bar. Everyone freaks out. It is so great to watch. Plus, I'm not sure there is anything better than a Tennessee Saturday night.
5. Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd Skynyrd. It does not matter if you are not from Alabama. Everyone recognizes that guitar intro. My sister has given me the habit of turning this on every time I cross the state border into Alabama. And remember, depending on where you are, watch out if you toss in a "Roll Tide Roll" or a "War Damn Eagle" in the chorus...
6. Where I Come From-Alan Jackson. This song always makes me laugh. And want some chicken and cornbread.
7. When the Sun Goes Down in Georgia-Corey Smith. Whoa. This was the only song I listened to for about a week about four years ago. It's not really about the south...but it talks about Georgia and pine trees. Good enough for me.
8. Carolina-Corey Smith. I love this song. I miss South Carolina whenever I listen to it. "It all makes one hell of a reminder, keeps me crying Carolina".
9. Mayberry-Rascal Flatts. Not a real town, but whatever. Someday, I want to raise my kids in a place like this.
10. Kountry Gentleman- Family Force 5. I love singing this and dancing around and being silly. The album is called "Business Up Front, Party in the Back"..I appreciate a good mullet shoutout. "My mama raised me in the dirty South, a kountry gentleman, so you best watch your mouth". Hahaha.
11. Georgia- Ludacris and friends. I LOVE THIS. I know all the words. Back off. "I got five Georgia homes, where I rest my Georgia bones, come anywhere on my land and I'll aim at ya Georgia dome" AWWW SHOOOOT. Clever.
12. Welcome to Atlanta-Jermaine Dupre, Luda, and some other dude- This song speaks da truth. Also, it's what we listen to when we cross back into GA from Alabama.

Enjoy. Y'all come back now.


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