Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two is Better than One?

In my opinion, duets fall into two categories: incredibly awesome or next-level cheesy. Depending on the day, I prefer one over the other. And yes, technically, the majority of rap songs are duets...but I'm talking one artist coming up to another and saying "I have a really awesome song that I would love your help on" (This is how I picture the music clearly not how it is). So here are some of my favorites.

Incredibly Amazing:

1. Come Home-OneRepublic feat. Sara Barielles. Why was this never released? Or maybe it was and I missed it. Whatever. It's perfect.
2. Over and Over-Nelly feat. Tim McGraw. What a great team. I love when music blurs the lines between genres and this totally does. I wish Nelly would come to Rites of Spring...
3. Lucky-Jason Mraz and Colbie Cailliat. This song is adorable. It always makes me smile
4. Odds of Being Alone-Amy Stroup and Trent Dabbs. One of my most-played songs. It has one of my favorite lines ever in a song (I'm not telling you what it is for fear of further exposing my emo-ness that is already so evident, haha)
5.Carry You Home-Nashville Skyline. This might sound like a band, but it's not. It's Matthew Ryan and Courtney Jaye. This song was written for the season finale of OTH last year. It was written in Nashville by a group of people with the show. It's beautiful.
6. Jackson- Johnny Cash and June Carter. One of my favorite songs ever. I love, love, love Johnny Cash.
7.The Boy is Mine- Brandy and Monica. Do I even need to explain the magic that is this song??

Next-Level Cheesy

1.Picture- Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. Why did this happen? Kid Rock? Really? Lyrically and vocally, it's great. I just can't get the image of Kid Rock in a fur trench coat and cowboy hat out of my head long enough to take it seriously.
2. Two is Better than One- Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift. I will be the first to share my love of Taylor Swift..but this song is straight-up silly.
3. Endless Love-Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross. Any time I hear this, I think of Happy Gilmore.
4. Ebony and Ivory- Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. What?
5. Beautiful Liar- Beyonce and Shakira. Wack. Wack. Wack.
6. Magic Stick- 50 Cent and Lil Kim. Ehhhhh. So awkward.

Okay, that's all I have for now. I had a good time searching my iTunes for these. Yeah, I have them all. I wish I had a reason why...but I sure don't.

Love, love, love.

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