Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Have you ever been driving down the road, listening to the radio, and then all of a sudden a song just takes a turn for the creepy worse?? Like it's a great jam, but that one line is borderline uncomfortable. Naturally, I like to find these songs and play them a ridiculous amount of times. Here are some of my faves:

1. Please Don't Go- Mike Posner. "If you leave, I'm gonna find you". Please don't. That's stalking. Great song, otherwise.
2. Every Breath You Take-Sting and the Police. This is the ultimate creeper jam. "Every step you take, I'll be watching you". Unacceptable.
3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend- Miranda Lambert. Okay, I get the whole "jealous ex-girlfriend" thing. But stalking out five bars and bringing your gun's a little much.
4. The Mixed Tape- Jack's Mannequin. "I read your letter, the one you left when you broke into my house". Um..wait, since when is B&E romantically acceptable? The answer is never.
5. All Hail the Heartbreaker-The Spill Canvas. "What if I ripped your heart apart at the seams, maybe then you'd know how I feel". Whoa. Whoa. Chill....a little too aggressive.
6. Loving You From a Distance- Corey Smith. This whole song is just creepy. Like "guy standing in the corner staring down the pretty girl" creepy.

Okay, that's all I have for now. Creep on, playas.


  1. Omg! I peed a little when I read this! JUST KIDDING!!!! I mean, I really did laugh LOUDLY out loud! Of course, number 1 made me die!! You were so CREEPED when I played you that song! Number 2 brought back some childhood memories of dad driving you and me to school...other artists that come to mind are Hootie and Seal! I love our dad!
    Your next post should be the best duet songs!!!
    Love you sis!

  2. I was going to kill you if you didnt add From a Distance to this one...I mean really, it is the ultimate creeper song. I refuse to listen to it because Corey creeps me out when he sings it. In other news, I love your blogs kinda like I love you!