Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm really bad at blogging, but really good at procrastinating.

Hey, hey, hey.

Four months later. A third of a year. Almost an entire semester. Here we are. Wow. So much has changed in those four short months. I've seen my college raise over $70,000 for cancer research, spent time with some awesome freshmen who I get to watch fall in love in Vanderbilt, met some new friends that I now can't imagine life without, found new music (!!), and I've stopped making excuses for people who never could come up them on their own (had to slip in an emo one...have you met me?!)

Anyways, I'm getting ready to go home on Friday. It's been awhile and I'm really excited to spend time with my sweet family and friends. Any time that I go anywhere that requires a drive over 30 minutes, I make a mix cd. Yes, I have an iPod that can make playlists...but that's not the same. Nothing makes me happier than a blank CD. It's full of potential for something powerful and amazing. Before I make this new CD for t-giving, I'd like to share my first semester studying playlist. When I finally got tired of facebook stalking, or reading blogs, or online shopping..I'd put this playlist on and get to work. As we get ready for finals (SICK), maybe you'll listen to some of these too.

Happy Thanksgiving...we have a lot to be thankful for.

Love, love, love.


My "Juniors Have to Study" Playlist

1. "A Falling Through"- Ray Lamontagne (Was on my 100 songs playlist..whatever, it's so beautiful)
2. "Please Do Not Let Me Go"- Ryan Adams (I've developed a huge musical crush on Mr. Adams..I also like that the title of this album is "Love is Hell"
3. "Come Pick Me Up"-Ryan Adams ( crush. This song drops the f bomb a few case you need warning)
..also, this song has some killer harmonica in it)
4. "Colorblind"-Counting Crows (This song is in "Cruel Intentions"..and I love it!!!)
5. "I'd Rather be Lonely"-Tyler Hilton (Also on the 100 songs...I <3 tyler hilton)
6. "Bluebird"-Sara Bareilles (SHE ROCKS!!!!!!! Saw her at the Ryman last month. Whoa..this song is so pretty)
7. "I Won't"- Colbie Caillat (Good jam. I like her voice)
8. "Come Home"- OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles (One of my favorite duets EVER.)
9. "From Where You Are"-Lifehouse (This song makes me want to stand on a balcony at the beach on a cloudy day and just think..way descriptive..weird)
10. "Last Kiss"-Taylor Swift ("All that I know is I don't know how to be something you miss" or "You can plan for a change in weather or town, but I never planned on you changing your mind". I love T-Swift.)
11. "Notion"-Kings of Leon (I like to shout along to this song...try not to)
12. "Dear John"- Taylor Swift ("I'm shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town")
13. "She is Love"-Parachute (Just saw them good!!!!!)
14. "Favor"- Rocca Delucca and the Burden (Heard this at Jackson's during brunch. A waiter came and gave me a piece of paper with the song on it as he watched me awkwardly try to Shazaam it on my phone. I'm convinced we're big deal.)
15. "The Lucky Ones"- Brendan James (He opened for Parachute and then I heard this song in the trailer for the new Jennifer Anniston/Adam Sandler movie...I LOVE when stuff like that's a cool song)

Okay. I'm going to do work now. 11pm on a Sunday is when I'm the most productive. Go figure.

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