Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The End 91-100

100 songs. 7.1 hours. Which, by the way, is how long it takes to drive roundtrip from Atlanta to Nashville. Coincidence? Doubt it.
These songs matter to me and making this list has been so wonderful. I've relived some really amazing memories..and some really painful ones.

A favorite singer of mine once said "The life lesson I learn over and over again is that you always know more now than you did then". Incredibly true. These songs and those moments associated with them seemed so definitive, so absolute. But I'm learning now, more than ever, that those memories are like pictures. They capture a moment. A point in time where we know nothing but what is happening right then. We can't see the future. But those pictures fade, get lost, or worst of all, never get taken at all. Those moments, the uncaptured ones..what happens to them? How can we look back on memories that don't get a picture? That's where music comes in for me.

This is the end of my list of songs. And it's not a fairy-tale, happily ever after ending. Everyone says endings lead to new beginnings. I pray that's true. That's why I came to Nashville. That's why I wrote this blog. And, that's why, I think, I'm in Georgia now. To end a chapter that was getting exhaustingly repetitive. All that questioning, all that doubt, all that confusion? I prayed and prayed that I was making the right choice to be home. Now, I think I get it. New beginnings, right? Here we go.

91. "Car Crash"- Wakey!Wakey! I LOVE this band!!!! It's about a car accident that is a metaphor for a really disastrous relationship. "At least you were thrown clear, 'cause I'm still stuck in here". It's got really haunting, cool music.

92. "War Sweater"- Wakey!Wakey! "You ask for the truth, but you know you can do so much better". Mhmm

93."One Headlight"- The Wallflowers. Oh, the 90's. "There's got to be something better than in the middle". Jakob Dylan (yes, Bob Dylan's son) has such a cool voice.

94. "All Good Things"- The Weepies. Oh, wow. "I don't want to lose what I love about you. But all good things come to an end"

95. "Lay Me Down"- The Wreckers. "Tell me what you could possibly know about breaking down that I don't" I love Michelle Branch.

96. "Hard to Love You" The Wreckers. "I've been wrong but I've been changing". Just a good song.

97. "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room"- John Mayer. One of my favorites. Most played song on my computer.

98."I Couldn't Save You"- Kate Voegele. She just knows what's up. Clearly, the title shows just how deep this song is.

99. "Tomorrow"- Lillix. I sang this at the top of my lungs in high school. I just found it again.

100. "A Line in the Sand"- Houston Calls. "I said you'd leave, you said you wouldn't..I guess I knew you better". Angry, wonderful song.

So, that's it. I might use this blog just to update with some new music I find/fall in love with. We will see. I really encourage you to find your own 100 songs. I promise, it's worth it.

Love, love, love

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  1. Honnestly I'm amazed by you 100 songs. I've about 60% of yours on mine.
    The big difference between us two is that you are lucky to live in Nashville or even in Georgia while I'm stuck in France. And I got to say that french music could be really really bad most of the time. ^^
    I would love to be in touch with you just to share our music stuffs or even our points of view about tv shows..

    You did a great selection.

    Kinds regards
    Hoel a french guy from Lyon.

    Ps: Just a sign. as I'm finishing my comment the sweet sound of "slow dancing in a burning room" come to my hears. this is by the way my most played song on my itunes too. ^^.

    Sorry for my english.
    If you want to contact me you can
    add me on facebook : hoel davesne
    write me a mail ; hoel.davernes@ece-france.com