Monday, November 9, 2009

The First Ten

Ok,here are the first ten. I guess I should put a sort of disclaimer up before we begin..clearly, I don't own or didn't create/produce/write any of these songs..just a little heads up for legal purposes. Also, I've been known to have a sort of "emo" taste in music...this is true, but as you will find out, I listen to any and every type. (EDIT: It has been suggested that YouTube links be posted so y'all can listen to my're welcome)

My playlist is ordered alphabetically by artist. Here are the first ten songs with a tiny bit of info as to why I chose them. Enjoy:

1. Best Not to Think About It-Athlete (perfect song for rain. The singer's voice is great, plus I think he's British..but don't hold me to it. Great band. Check them out)

2. Be Yourself- Audioslave (Cool guitar sound. Classic band. Good song for when you don't feel like being like everyone else)

3. Boston-Augustana (Oh, hey high school. I don't know anyone around my age that doesn't know every word to this song...or that didn't crank it up on the way to school and sing it at the top of their lungs...or whatever)

4.Friends- Band of Skulls (Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. Drums are kickin'. My go-to song on Fridays..listen to'll see what I mean)

5. Hey Jude- The Beatles (The only Beatles song I really like. Yeah, yeah I know they are great..."Across the Universe" kinda ruined them for me. Hated it. But this song is great...all the "na na na na's")

6. Living On a Prayer- Bon Jovi (Besides being a quintessential frat party jam, it's actually kinda old is Bon Jovi? 50's? He can still rock out)

7. Beautiful- Brad Passons (He is from TN and an all-around great guy. Oh, the lyrics in this one.. "I wrote this song because you never cared".. oh, Brad Passons)Not on YouTube..find it yourself :)

8. Coming to Terms- Carolina Liar (Another great band. A good song for when things don't really turn out how you expected them to..which is quite often)

9. Feels Like Home- Chantel Kreviazuk (I think this was on "Dawson's Creek" and more recently in "My Sister's Keeper"..sort of beautiful. I think this song describes what everyone is looking for)

10. The Scientist (acoustic)- Coldplay (I used to hate Coldplay..more on principle than anything else. But lately, I have come to love them. This song...oh my. Chris Martin is not only a lyrical genius, his voice is stunning. I listened to this on repeat the summer before senior year...and I know about 6 girls who did as well..oh 'the original' cd)

Ok. So there is the first ten. I hope you like at least one of them..maybe more? Let me know?


  1. I don't know who couldn't relate to #8. Love that one. I'm gonna ignore the part where you tried to hate Coldplay. I don't think you gave #3 enough credit. It's a wonderful song, I'm thinkin not so much driving to high school but going to college for the first time, or something life-changing like that :) I am currently loving #4 as well, probably because my friends are beautiful.
    I love learning more about you--can't wait for more. xoxo