Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rapper's Delight

If you've ever spent some time in my car with me, you know there are few things I love more than turning up the music and singing along. And, you probably also know that I have a soft spot for rap. Rap makes it onto my driving, work out, shower, party, and yes, even studying playlists. I think rap gets a bad reputation for vulgarity, but there is a difference between life and art, and I try not to read too hard into the messages some of those songs toss out there. I just like to dance and surprise people by being the 5'1 redhead who knows all the words to "Look At Me Now' by Chris Brown.

Here are 10 of my fave jams. Some are old, some are new. They are all probably explicit in some way or another. Deal with it, yo

1. "Lose Yourself"-Eminem.  Two of my very favorite people in the world (hi Rachy and KJ) share a love for Eminem. The three of us have had way too many sing-a-longs to this. And "Mockingbird". And "Love the Way You Lie". But I just like this song's message.

2. "Gangsta's Paradise"-Coolio. The opening beat of this song pumps me up everytime. Probably to do something super hardcore, like bake cookies or go to Target, but still. I love it.

3. "99 Problems"-Jay Z. Before every major exam in midwifery school, I would put on either this song or "Big Pimpin" and rap it in my room before logging onto Remote Proctor (#ClubLime). I adore Jay. I loved him before he and Beyonce became the best power couple ever and I love his lyrics and his work ethic and the way he loves his family. His song for Blue, called "Glory", is an amazing song from a brand new daddy and it's great.

4. "Georgia"-Ludacris. This songs makes me miss my home. And I love it. Don't mess with Texas Georgia.

5. "All Good"-Bone Thugs N' Harmony. My frequent rap collaborator KBoll introduced this song to me years ago. And we still love it. And have some choreographed moves to it. It's g double o d good.

6. "Shoop"- Salt-n-Pepa. Another KBoll collab. This song makes me laugh.

7. "Super Bass"- Nicki Minaj. This song is summer 2011 in a nutshell.

8. "Flawless (Remix)"-Beyonce feat Nicki Minaj. Girl power. I love when Bey raps. Texas forever.

9. "Let's Get Married (Remix)"-Jagged Edge feat Run DMC. I would like to walk down the aisle to this song, but no one else would like it, so I'll settle for it being on my "getting ready for my wedding" playlist no less than 10 times.

10. "Ice, Ice Baby"-Vanilla Ice. Clearly, I saved the best for last. One of my all-time favorite life memories will always be rapping this with my sister at Lonnie's on my 21st birthday.

Play on, players.


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